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The Florida Judicial Wellness Program (FJWP) is a state-wide program offered by the Florida Conference of Circuit Judges that is available to assist all members of the Florida judiciary and their families. Its purpose is to help provide access to information, education, support and other resources intended to increase awareness, and to sustain efforts that enhance well-being. It is the priority of the FJWP to discover an avenue for judges who wish to voluntarily seek confidential assistance when needed, instead of suffering in silence or while sick due to the fear of having their career compromised because they struggle with the same conditions that individuals in other professions battle as well. It is the purpose of the FJWP to encourage judges to voluntarily seek advice, counsel, and treatment available to judges, without fear that the fact it is sought or rendered will or might cause embarrassment in any future matter.

How FJWP Can Help

FJWP has a confidential network of Volunteer Judges (no lawyers) who understand your concerns, fears, uncertainty and reluctance to seek help. They will listen, help you make sense of your problems and offer assistance.

FJWP sponsors a confidential on-line recovery meeting run by judges for judges.

FJWP has resources to provide judges to address substance use, mental health issues or general wellness concerns.

  • Other Judges in Recovery
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon Meetings
  • Referrals to therapists or other professionals as needed